At last, Maronite resources online.

A Translation of older Maronite Holy Week Liturgies

A Translation of an older Maronite Baptismal Liturgy

Maronite Ritual Book translated into French

Maronite Hoosoye in Karshune

A Translation of the Maronite Liturgy of the 1950s by Msgr. El Hayek

A French document about Maronite Liturgy

Maronite Sootoro prayer in English prayed at around 9pm

The Short versionof the Maronite daily prayers or Shihimto in Syriac

Psychology in the Syriac Church the Dissertation of Archbishop Zayek

The Rubrics and Prayers of a Liturgy involving a Bishop or Patriarch translated into French

Another version of the Shihimto

Hasho Maronite Holy Week Prayers in Syriac