11 week of Pentecost

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August 1 begins the traditional Assumption fast.

Sunday Morning Prayer
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Monday Morning Prayer
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Assumption Evening Prayer
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Tuesday Morning Prayer
Assumption Morning Prayer
Tuesday Evening Prayer
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Assumption readings and Meditation

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Prayers for Pentecost Season
Holy Trinity
3rd Week of Pentecost
4th Week of Pentecost
5th Week of Pentecost
6th Week of Pentecost
7th week of Pentecost
8th week of Pentecost
9th Week of Pentecost
10th Week of Pentecost

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Prayers for the Lenten Season
Faithful Departed
Wedding Feast at Cana
Healing of the Leper
Hemorrhaging Woman
Prodigal Son
The Paralytic
Bartimeus the Blind
Resurrection Season
New Sunday
3rd Week of Resurrection
4th Week of Resurrection
5th Week of Resurrection
6th Week of Resurrection
Seventh Week of Resurrection