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A prayer for vocations
Gather us, Good Shepherd, into your holy Church, your sheep fold, and send us shepherds and pastors who will model their lives on yours, and who lead us to graze in your Spirit.

Place in the hearts of young men and women your call to serve your house, spread your gospel and save the poor.
Call your people to care for the sick, feed those who are hungry, teach your children, and offer your spiritual worship, so that your kingdom may be perfected.

We shall praise and glorify you, for ever.  Amen.

Season of Announcement
Consecration of the Church
Dedication of the Church
Announcement to Zechariah
Announcement to Mary
Visitation to Elizabeth
Birth of John the Baptizer
Revelation to Joseph
Genealogy Sunday

Christmas Season
First Sunday after Christmas

1st Week after Epiphany
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Faithful Departed
Commemoration of the Righteous and the Just
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Great Lent
Wedding at Cana
Healing of the Leper
Hemorrhaging Woman
Prodigal Son
Healing of the Paralytic
Healing of the Blind Man
Holy Week

Season of Resurrection
Easter Week
New Sunday
3rd week of Resurrection
4th week of Resurrection
4th week of ResurrectionEaster
5th week of Resurrection
6th week of Resurrection
7th week of Resurrection

Prayers for Pentecost Season
Holy Trinity
3rd Week of Pentecost
4th Week of Pentecost
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15th week of Pentecost
16th week of Pentecost
17th week of Pentecost

Holy Cross
1st Week after Holy Cross
2nd Week after Holy Cross
3rd Week after Holy Cross
4th Week after Holy Cross
5th Week after Holy Cross
6th Week after Holy Cross
7th Week after Holy Cross

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Prayers for the Lenten Season
Faithful Departed
Wedding Feast at Cana
Healing of the Leper
Hemorrhaging Woman
Prodigal Son
The Paralytic
Bartimeus the Blind
Resurrection Season
New Sunday
3rd Week of Resurrection
4th Week of Resurrection
5th Week of Resurrection
6th Week of Resurrection
Seventh Week of Resurrection